ABOUT Belleza

About SJS

Belleza was founded in 2009 by the SJS international group. SJS International was established in 1978 and since then has been a leading cosmetics importer and Distribution Company in the region with more than 43 years of expertise and 100+ various brands in the beauty and cosmetics industry. The company evolved from producing corsets and leggings initially to manufacturing bras for beautifying curves for blooming femininity.


About Belleza

Pakistan's top lingerie retailer, Belleza offers a wide range of lingerie collection that brings you confidence and comfort, all in one. Whether you're short or tall, big or small, we have got something for everyone with our product range expanding from swimwear, sportwear, bras, panties to thermals, girdles, and night suit. With over 99+ retail stores across Pakistan and 405+ distribution and trade channels, Belleza is determined to inspire women and create products that make them feel confident both inside and out.


At Belleza, we strive to create style and space for women that bring out their true self so that they feel comfortable and confident both inside and out. For us, comfort tops everything which is why we advocate styles that women could feel comfortable and confident in. Belleza is a lifestyle brand focused on celebrating womanhood and building a community of women who feel comfortable and confident in their skin.